Company History

We have obtained ISO 9002, confirming our insistence on quality. We have achieved QS-9000,
and TS-16949 showing our determination to improve our products continuously

We are engaged in production of the piston pin and crank pin sincerely and practically. Our aim is to provide a complete service and excellent products to our customers. Our products on the market are reliable, and appreciated by our customers. Recently, we carry out the policy of TS-16949 with the principle of "conform to demands, customer first, quality first, continuous improvement. "We emphasize that the technique of production should be improved, production equipment should be replaced etc., and improve quality in efficiency, exaction and stability. In order to provide a professional service, we pay much attention to the internal training, promotion of 5S environment management and keeping improvement. In the future, we shall continuoulsy satisfy the customer demand by means of advanced production equipment, professional technicians, neat working environment, precision device, perfect sales service.

Brief Introduction

This company was established in 1972, specialized in producing piston pin and crank pin, which are available for engines of various vehicles, motorcycles, agricultural machine, ships, air compressors, Since the company was established, our staffs are engaged in the improvement of manufacture and quality continuously in order that the company may keep running forever. Our products and its quality achieved the international standard, and we are selling them to Asia, Europe, U.S.A., Australia and Africa because we have the certificate of ISO 9002 and QS 9000 and TS-16949.


Monthly Max. capacity: 1,200,000 pcs
Annual capacity: 10,000,000 pcs
One of the leading manufacturers of piston pin and crank pin in Taiwan

Humble Parts-A Key to Engine Power

Piston pins and crank pins may look simple, but they play a vital role in an engine.
We are glad to see engines running smoothly thanks to the parts we make.


1972 Ming Shan Iron Works was established. Capital Registered: NT$200,000
1973 The company name was changed to Ming Shan Industrial Co., Ltd. when the new plant has been built completely. Capital Registered: NT$1,000,000
1978 Plant No.2 and 3 were established.
1982 Plant No.4 was established. Capital registered: NT$36,000,000
1986 Office building has been built completely.
1987 Purchased heat treatment furnace.
1988 Plant No. 5 & 6 were established, Area of plant: 10,000m2.
1993 Installed 4-spindle deep hole drilling machines, and inspection instruments.
1995 Imported CNC lathe equipment
1997 Obtained BSI Standard of U.K. and ISO 9002 Certificate.
1998 Set an internet of business BOM. MRP.ERP and business website, Computerized system for management of company. Installed Taylor Hobson of U.K. precision cylinder measuring machine.
1999 Installed centerless grinder, Japan double spindle CNC lathe, monthly capacity: 1,200,000 pcs.
2000 Established plant of materials 600 m2, imported Japan CNC lathe(Auto-measuring and auto-store on production line.) Appointed counselor to promote 5 S enviroment management and keep improving.
2001 Obtained BSI of U.K. QS 9000 certificate.
2002 Installed Taylor Hobson of U.K. a surface rough measuring machine. Installed re-cutting centerless grinding machine (Japan)
2003 Imported 4-spindle productive CNC lathe from Japan. Imported 4-spindle deep hole drilling achine (automatic) from Germany.
2006 certificate of  TS 16949.
2010 new plant were established, Area of plant: 20,000m2.