Process control

The best products derive from the perfect management system, with the 30 years experience of manufacture, we established a strict regulations for production, reasonable production control, efficient and duly production management, BOM system, the active promotion of computerizing management, control of materials for the purchase orders. The operation management system, MRP and ERP are adopted, which is able to control exactly from order, displacement of labor, procedure of manufacture, trace procedure, control of production schedule. All of this may meet customers' request.

Maintenance of equipment

Execute the daily maintaining machine and preventing maintenance for assuring the performance, stability and precision of machine.

Process capability

Capacity: 1,200,000 pcs/month
Size: outer diameter: 7mm--70mm,
Length: 20mm--300mm

Main processing equipment

  1. Automatic metal belt sawing machine
  2. Double-spindle deep hole drilling machine
  3. 4-spindle deep hole drilling machine
  4. Double-spindle CNC lathe
  5. 4-spindle CNC lathe
  6. Casing carburizing furnace
  7. Tempering furnace
  8. Centerless grinding machine
  9. Super moulding machine
  10. Wet blasting machine
  11. Automatic cleaner(clean, anti-dust  treatment)
  12. Automatic packing machine

Conform to demands, customer first, quality first, continuous improvement

Materials store
Automatic sawing area
Deep hole drilling area
Chamfering area
CNC automatic lathe
Heat treatment area
Centerless grinding area
Automatic packing area